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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Oui, Oui, Je Suis Back

But more importantly!

Goldfrapp are playing the Birmingham Academy (one of the closest gig locations to me) on Friday 24th February (that's the Friday before my 18th birthday)!!

!!!!!!!1111eleven!!!! (x million)

It's like, fate or something surely?

C'est La Vie! French Pop

Pop Boy has been running non-pop-related errands in Paris. I didn't really hear much of the music over there because I was too busy meeting Mickey Mouse, hanging around in Pigalle (although I must note that I heard 'Hung Up' blasting out of a lapdnacing club) and strolling around Notre Dame.

But I did pick up this compilation CD in the Virgin Megastores on Champs Elysees which is the biggest fucking shop I've ever seen in my life and nearly made me faint with excitement, or wet myself, but less about that. Hits France 2005 seemed to sum up just what I was looking for: The Hits of France, from the year 2005.

Now, of course, this is just one song each from a range of artists signed to Sony BMG France so is unlikely to really show a complete scope of the French music scene. But I figured it would be water-testing teaser taking a glimpse at Gallic pop without spending loads of money, which I could have, and very nearly did.

I also took a quick look at the French charts. Number 1 is our old 'friend' the Crazy Frog with 'Popcorn', whereas 'Axel F' is still at #5. Celine Dion is #2. Places 7 and 8 are both taken up by an artist called Pinocchio (and yes! it's a cartooney act based on THAT Pinocchio) with 'T'es Pas Cap Pinocchio' and 'Pinocchio En Hiver (Kalinka)' respectively. I haven't looked into who or what 'Space Soap' by Mr Cosmic Vs Fat Dog is, but I'm guessing that it may be equally novelty. I can only assume then that in France at least it's silly season for music all year round.

Laam is at #10 with 'Petite Soeur' which my very basic knowledge of French tells means Little Sister. This song features on the CD I bought and, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, it's not bad at all. Whereas Mylene Farmer is French Madonna (and then some), Laam appears to be a sort of French Javine, with a song that has a typical RnB pop beat complete with the oh-so-2005 sound of hip-hop-strings and a refrain that embeds itself into your (my) head regardless of the language barrier and won't go away, in the good.

Another song on my album that appears in the charts is 'San Ou (La Riverie)' by Dezil, a lovely summery sounding ska-influenced calypso song that yo-yos between various male rappers and a female songtress singing the chorus, that much like 'Petite Soeur' sticks in your head and won't go away. This song is made even more sweeter by the sun still shining when it's nearly November. If I'd've discovered this earlier it could've easily been my song of the summer.

Other moments of (half) brilliance come from Gage 'Pense A Moi' which is once again a hip-pop style song, but this one appears to be a sad ballad. But, if you really try hard enough, you can dance to it. Now, considering it's a ballad you can dance to, you'd expect it to be bloody amazing, which it isn't. You expect it to go somewhere, and then it doesn't. It doesn't even have a huge key change!!

Then there's Gregory Lemarchal (yes! a popstar called Greg(ory)!!! How ace?) with 'Je Suis En Vie' (direct translation 'I Am In Life' which I assume must be wrong unless our Gregory is a bit dim) and he shows everyone how ballads should be done. With guitars. Then more guitars. Then a pause before the chorus. Then 'poetic' pianoes. Then more guitars when the vocals hit. Then vocals that make you want to cry a bit and go all high and intense - because that's just how bad it is being him. This is so Eurovision. Paris 2007!! etc etc. Also! Gregory won French Star Academy or some other suchlike contest. And! He's not that bad to look at, is he? No, he isn't. Look.

I may write more later. But I'm hungry and I'm crying out for some potato* so bye for now.

*No! This is not a euphemism

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Blasting on Indie Girl's Stereo This Week

Songs being pretty much, overplayed in my gaff.

1. Green Day - Jesus Of Suburbia

Green Day’s new single is an epic 9 minutes of ups and downs reflecting teen angst in all it’s strange guises. Thrashing guitars to childlike ballad-esque singing from the talented Billie Joe Armstrong (so heartbreaking in fact that last night I actually got me sobbing) The contrasts of the different areas of the song that put Armstrong’s bittersweet vocals, Mike Dirnt’s expert guitar playing and Tre Cool’s superhuman drumming in juxtaposition produces typical Green Day perfection.

2. My Chemical Romance - I'm Not Ok (I Promise)

The third release of this song may be a bit much, but this song really proves the phrase “you can never get too much of a good thing.” The typical emo-ness of all of My Chemical Romance’s only adds to it’s strange charm. Complete with comedy video catering for most typical “school outsider” fans of the band is the final ingredient in their recipe for a hit. I love it. Great to play loud and jump around your room like a mosher to.

3. Art Brut - Good Weekend

This under-rated indie band’s last single which I’m still listening to. His single consists of Eddie Argos’ musings of a past weekend where he meets a rather nice young lady who becomes his girlfriend. “he hasn’t slept in about four days!” apparently… ah, relationships in their first stages. Generally quirky, feel-good indie to contrast with some of the generally miserable lark that is released nowadays. And don’t forget, he’s “seen her naked. Twice!”

4. Goldfrapp - Human

From back in the olden days when Goldfrapp were not glam and dirty but sweet, melancholic and were driven by Alison’s angelic voice. This, from the album Felt Mountain (which if you don’t have, is worth a buy and I spotted it along with it’s follow-up Black Cherry in Virgin Megastores for a fiver each, bargain) possesses strange, moan-like vocals over a latin style beat which fades into the background as you feel yourself strangely swooning and swaying back and forth. A smooth, unusual chill out track.

5. Eurythmics - Who's That Girl?

I’ve been stealing Mother’s cds again folks. This fabulous mix of moods is from back in the day when Eurythmics were not just led by the attitude-filled, instantly recognisable vocals of Scottish legend Annie Lennox but were also a great force in the 80s pop scene. Annie starts off emotional and heartbroken until the hard bass kicks in as Annie’s voice beautifully shouts her powerful accusations. Very 80s and very, very good.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

New Releases 24th October 2005

Backstreet Boys - Just Want You To Know

IG: A return from a band, which I’ll be honest, I thought had split up or been dropped. But no! The BSB’s are back! With a comedy video and all! The whole thing is a typical boyband affair except the chorus which sounds almost like a cross between Busted and McFly. Just a tiny bit. It does make me think that perhaps the BSB’s are perhaps getting a little too old to be singing songs that sound like teen pop rock. The song is alright, but it sounded better with the video. Perhaps it was distracting me from the general “same old, same old” feel of the song.

PB: I haven’t decided whether this song is brilliant or not yet. The video is brilliant, and the fact that the Boys are having a little giggle at this song sets them apart from certain other boybands releasing this week who seem to be constantly straight-faced.

The video seems to allow them to get away with the single. It does sound like it’s from 1985. It does sound like a drivetime power ballad. But they already know that, duh! And the aged sound to this song seems to work. I don’t why, but it does. Which I guess makes the whole thing timeless, doesn’t it? Backstreet’s Back, alright??

Kate Bush - King Of The Mountain

IG: The first two lines are almost inaudible, but that doesn’t matter! It’s Kate fucking Bush! She is back. ‘King Of The Mountain’ is Kate’s first single release since 1994 and I must say, it’s bloody fantastic. The first verse sounds like it should be on constant repeat in a new age shop, the second verse has a perfect guitar edge and the rest of the song is just magical. And it probably could be better as the speakers on the speakers on my laptop certainly do not do the song justice. The soundtrack to a dark fairytale. A fantastic return from Kate.

PB: This is one Bush administration that has my 100% backing! I’ve had a real job getting hold of this song on mp3 (which is not necessarily a bad thing) and hadn’t heard until Friday when it was played in Virgin Megastores and I stood underneath the speaker on my tiptoes shushing people as they walked past. And it was worth it.

One listen to this song justifies my excitement and anticipation and mega-obsessive fandom for Kate and ‘Aerial’. Kate doesn’t make music like anybody else. ‘King Of The Mountain’ is quirky and insane in equal measures and the video features Elvis suits flying around with spinning headlines saying “The King is Back” in lots of languages. Welcome back Kate, don’t ever go away again.

Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure

IG: A re-release of my favourite single from one of the stand-out indie acts of the swarms that have been making themselves known this year. Well, I have liked this sing since I first heard it back in Feburary before the first release so my review is rather predictable. If you didn’t buy it then, buy it now. Failing that, just add the album to your Christmas list just now. Or buy it in the sales and snap it up for a ludicrously low price. This single is my favourite of the lot though, Snappy hooks and Paul Smith’s crazed vocals grabbed me n the first listen. Brilliant.

PB: “Write a review? Well how objective can I be?” See what I did there? Because I can’t be very objective because Maximo Park are one of my favourite bands of the year. You see? It’s really clever isn’t it? [IG – get on with it] Anyway…

This was originally their debut single but has been glittered up and actually promoted and is now being re-released. Which is good thing because hopefully ‘Graffiti’ will follow suit. If I controlled the world then Maximo Park would be the biggest band in the world, but I don’t, so they’ve just have be the biggest band on this web-blog, on this post. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled.

Westlife - You Raise Me Up

IG: Listening to the intro it sounds like the normal Westlife dirge. And surprise, surprise it is. Firstly I thought, “well, it’s a bit crap but at least it’s not a cover” until I found out that it is another bloody cover which doesn’t do Josh Groban justice. Sometimes I wish that they would just piss off and leave us alone. Good song but unfortunately, Westlife have ruined it and made it sound boring and similar to all of their other tracks (you know.. Yawn etc) Trust them. Grr!

PB: This song has not only been played constantly on every episode of the X-Factor but was also performed by The Conway Sisters. Now, Josh Groban’s version (the original) is much better than this dross that the ‘Loife have produced, which is a silly move by Louis Walsh if he thought that playing the original (good) version would make people like this really bad version. However, Louis may have Simon Cowell to thank for getting The Conway Sisters to murder this song on Saturday night and make the ‘Loife version sound a lot better.

If I die in Paris I want this to be played at my funeral. Because it will make people cry. It makes me cry anyway. I mean, they’ve ruined such a good song. Why? Why? Why do bad things always happen to good songs?

Best & Worst?
IG: Best - Maximo Park, Worst - Westlife
PB: Best - Kate Bush, Worst - Westlife

Saturday, October 22, 2005

We'll Runaway If We Must

t.A.T.u - Dangerous & Moving

So, the new t.A.T.u album. Now, I realise it was leaked over the interweb months ago but I, being a true fan/stupid, waited until the album was released because as much as I couldn't wait, I did want the whole package together. I then waited a bit longer because 1, I didn't know it was out and 2, I'm poor, but I bought it yesterday. And I'm not sure. It's not bad, far from in fact. The problem is it's just not as good as '200km/h'.

It all seems a little tame in comparison in to the venom-spitting 'Show Me Love' and 'Malchik Gay'. There's nothing that can top them in screaminess and danceability on this album. 'Loves Me Not' and 'Friend Or Foe' are the closest the album comes to screaming with attitude and the first single 'All About Us' is a riotous return to form, sort of. The shades of lesbianism (most probably a deep beige) still remain too, on all of the above and 'Craving (I Only Want What I Can't Have)'. However there are moments when the slow songs like 'Gomenasai', 'We Shout' and 'Sacrifice' just cause the album to float around pointlessly and make the album even tamer, despite their loveliness and sweet sentiment.

Another problem with the album is that it sounds a little too western and in doing so, t.A.T.u have lost a little bit of their uniqueness. Whereas '200km/h' had started off as '200 Po Vstrechnoi', a Russian album that was later translated into English, 'Dangerous and Moving' is an album that was obviously intended to sell loads over here and was then translated to Russian, which isn't really the point, because at times it doesn't sound very Russian at all and just sounds like any other European album.

It is interesting then that 'Lyundi Validi' ('Dangerous and Moving's Russian sister) and 'Obyzenka Nol' are two of the best songs on the album. These two beauts and the title track along with semi-epic 'Cosmos (Outer Space)' come the closest to what I imagined a follow up to '2ookm/h' to sound like and they are all really quite magnificent.

As I've already said, this isn't a bad album, it's just that in comparison to the mighty '200km/h' it sounds bland, tame and weak. It's still Russian. It's still danceable. It's still perfect for screaming along really loud to and wallowing. But just less so. And they are no real duff tracks (other than perhaps, ironically, the Trevor Horn song 'Craving'). I realise I've been quite critical but really that is just how brilliant '200km/h In The Wrong Lane' is.

I think, if I were to make one (final) criticism of 'Dangerous & Moving' it would be that it goes on for too long. Which is funny really, because my only complaint about '200km/h' was that it only had 8 songs on it and has padded out with remixes and Russian versions. So now, t.A.T.u offer up a 'full' album with 12 original songs and a proper intro and everything and I just throw it back in their face. Some people, it seems, are never happy.

Regardless of all this, t.A.T.u have added another great album to their back catalogue and they are very slowly becoming one of my favourite bands, like, ever! One day these girls will make an album better than '200km/h In The Wrong Lane', '200 Po Strechnoi' and 'Dangerous and Moving' combined. And it will be the greatest album of all time.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Blunt Of The Week

Blunt of the week is a new feature we are introducing. It’s based on James Blunt and him being the biggest cunt in the world and convenient rhyme that means we can swear without swearing. Blunt Of The Week is a bit nasty, with absolutely no niceness involved at all, just pure hatred. So you should all love it.

Growing up we were scared on the dark. Now we are scared of The Darkness, because they are shitty cunts of Blunt proportions. And they are back! With a ‘new’ single called ‘One Way Ticket’. Which of course sounds like every glam rock song ever but they hope that it’s been so long no-one will notice. Most sensible people have probably tried to banish the abysmal ‘Permission To Land’ from memory by selling their copy on ebay anyway. So no-one will notice that this offering is not only the same, but just as shit as well.

Justin Hawkins is awarded this week's Title Of Blunt Of The Week. Unlike his Brit Awards though, this is well and truly deserved. Just as we had banished the thought of The Darkness ever returning from our heads, Horsehead Hawkins gave us his rendition of Sparks classic “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us” to hear on the radio every five minutes and now, The Darkness are back. God save us all. Avoid like the plague.

Note to Darkness fans: Freddie Mercury is dead, get over it. Not that Justin is even comparable to Freddie. Freddie being a legend and overwhelming live performer, Justin looking and sounding like a horse that has just had his bollocks cut off with a buzzsaw. His arrogance is unbelievable, especially as he has nothing to be arrogant about going by this ludicrous new single.

Some Things Pop Boy Wants For Christmas

And if I don't get them all then I will cry. I can't believe how unbelievably brilliant this year's Christmas albums will be. I also want Girls Aloud's new album, brilliantly named 'Chemistry', but that doesn't have a cover yet. I realise that tATu has been released, but I'm a very poor student who's going to Paris on Tuesday so I haven't bought an album since The Editors' Back Room. Although I promise promise I will buy Rachel Stevens and/or Goldfrapp over the weekend. Maybe.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Indie Girl does Goldfrapp

Indie Girl took a little trip down to Newcastle this week for a nice healthy injection of Goldfrapp into my Saturday night. I will now list the highlights and lowlights of an electro-filled night.


  • Getting an amazing spot in the crowd after thinking I would get a shit one. I didn’t get in early yet somehow managed to get right to the barrier.
  • The lighting during the whole gig, but especially the start. Psychedelic flowers danced over the ceiling as the fans blew Alison’s hair and made her appear angelic matching those high notes of “Utopia.”
  • Alison going mad with the theremin during Train. Her face was manic as she focused on it and played with her hand, and famously using her crotch as well.
  • The spiffing bass guitar being used. Me wanty. (despite the fact I couldn’t play it if I tried) It was clear but had a coating of multicoloured glitter. Ace!
  • Alison stomping around the stage in her boots pouting. She manages to look amazing even when resembling a four year old in Toys ‘R’ Us. It was good marching.
  • Alison robot dancing. Need I say more? It was robot dancing!
  • The inclusion of “Beautiful” in the set. Cruelly cut from the final cut of the latest album despite being a great song. I was also feeling slightly smug knowing the words while others around me looked clueless. God, I’m such a loser.
  • The fact that Alison spoke a wee bit. Saying “thank you” and also a few wee other things saying she “hope she sees us again.” Meaning she didn’t completely hate us. Someone over on the Goldfrapp boards who met her afterwards has mentioned she had said it went well.
  • Alison’s salute at the end! Loved it. I even did one back. I wonder if she saw. I don’t know if I wish she had or she hadn’t to be honest.
  • The general sexiness of the gig. The whole thing was like a big musical aphrodisiac.

  • The noisy chimneys beside me. I went up to the barrier and there was only one of them until her bolshy friends that stunk of nicotine came and repeatedly tried to push me out the way from my idyllic spot. They lit up during every slow song and blew the smoke in my face.
  • The rudeness of the crowd during slower tracks. Especially the ones they don’t recognise, namely from “Felt Mountain” They didn’t recognise the songs so they chattered away. Horrid.
  • The drunk girl that pushed people out the way and wouldn’t leave. She had to be kicked out but I did have an amusing bitch about her with lad next to me.
  • The lack of horsey dancers. I knew they were at other dates but I guess you can’t have everything.
  • The fact I didn’t have enough money for an "Ooh La La" t-shirt. 15 bloody quid. The live CDs were also pricey at £20. It may not sound much to you but I’m a poor teen!

    And there you have it! Indie Girl’s review of her second ever gig. I’d like to take he last opportunity to give a little shout out to Jools/Jules who was standing behind me and introduced himself at the end of the gig. If you are reading, it was cool meeting you and please leave a comment or something.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

New Releases 17th October 2005

Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor

PB: Hold onto your hats kids, here comes the Next Big Thing. The indie anthem of the winter/year is here and no hip party, pre-gig set or Christmas do will be without it. To be fair, the Arctic Monkeys do deserve to be big. And it’s not beyond their ability to not only become big but become gargantuan.
With lyrics you can’t not love, “Pop like a robot from 1984” particularly, and a guitar hook that you can’t get out of your head, and that thrashing drum thing near the end, this song puts the rest of the indie world to shame a bit and has raised the bar for other to follow.

The new single from the new indie band for 2006. I’m convinced these guys have got something about them. The hook certainly has a special something. The indie community will clearly embrace it as it’s the perfect song to bounce around to in any direction to at gigs and in indie clubs. The lyrics are cool and kitsch and it is generally all very indie. We are sure to hear ramblings fawning over them in the NME over the next few months. Definitely a band to watch.

Dannii Minogue - Perfection

IG: G-A-Y bliss from the Australian starlet. Definitely showing that she’s not just Kylie’s sister. This track has clear summer vibes so perhaps it should’ve been released earlier but it does cheer you up instantly (and strangely makes me want to jump into a pool) and is ideal in these dreary autumn months. A master stroke from the sister who was earlier ignored and referred to as “the other minogue.” Kylie had better watch out.

PB: Dannii represents pop this week and becomes pop princess in her sister’s absence. Although, if she’s just going to keep releasing slightly above-average regurgitated dance records and calling them pop, she had better not get to used to the pop crown.
In typical dance stylee, the chorus makes you want to throw your hands in the air and the lyrics don’t really seem to make any sense, but that’s OK because everyone’s too busy dancing to listen to what Dannii is actually saying.
It’s difficult to review Dannii (that’s my excuse anyway) because everything could be said already has: the comparisons to Kylie, the saviour of gay dance music crown, the pink pound’s sole survivor in the destructive tsunami of i-Tunes, the ‘this single really could make Dannii huge’ and ‘could this be her first number one?’ comments. So I won’t say anything more.

Lovebites - You Broke My Heart

PB: Jumping on the Busted bandwagon slightly less-offensively than Noise Next Door and The Faders, before it finally rolls off into the distance, are the Lovebites. I won’t tire you with Busted comparisons because, quite frankly, they are kind of exhausted already.
But! If you try hard enough (and you don’t have to try that hard) then you can easily sing ‘What I Go To School For’ over this. Go on, try. In fairness, it’s not a bad pop punk song, but we all knew that already, because we already made it #3 in September 2002.

IG: Girl power? No. This is the crucial first single from the second attempt at a girl Busted. The first being The Faders and we all know how that turned out. Which is a shame because I actually liked “No Sleep Tonight” more. Just noisy girls and rubbish lyrics for me I’m afraid. My earlier reference to “girl power” would be the fact that the whole song is based around the fact they’re going to beat up their boyfriend for cheating on them. The only redeeming feature of the track is that the chanty bits remind me of some early “Kenickie” but that is all. Thankfully, there isn’t really a chance of them sticking around as the market they are going for need to guys to fancy to go with the pop-punk and Lovebites just don’t deliver.

Tiga ft. Jake Shears – You Gonna Want Me

IG: Repetitive catchy lyrics and killer bass for the clubs. This will definitely not be a mainstream hit for underground Tiga but his little glimmer of hope comes in the form of Scissor Sisters vocalist Jake Shears singing the main hook of the song. Electro dance built to take over the clubs at it’s finest.

PB: This song should be brilliant. Afterall not only is it by Tiga, who featured on Richard X’s album, but it features Jake Shears who’s only the lead singer the biggest band in the world.
It is annoying then, that this song turns out to be a little bit average. The vocals on the chorus from Jake are far from his best and sound very half-hearted and the song itself seems to trudge along aimlessly with a beat in the background that isn’t half as gay or half as brilliant as it should be. I do like the hand claps though.

McFly - I Wanna Hold You

PB: Since when did McFly become Busted. Here McFly give us a song that sounds more like something that should’ve been on second Busted album than anything on the second Busted album.
Where is that opening guitar bit from? I recognise it. Maybe it was from the last single because I can’t really tell them apart (although that may say more about me than it does about McFly).
This song is dripping in sentiment and loveliness, but is not sickly sweet because of the heavy guitars all over the song, which I make me want to shuffle around a bit, not dance – shuffle!
Fearne Cotton should love this. If she doesn’t, she is a fool because this is just what she’s been telling us she likes for however long it’s been that she’s been presenting TOTP.

IG: Tween pop-rock for those rebellious 11 year olds who turn up their noses at Rachel Stevens. But McFly can appeal to all ages with their friendly rock-fuelled catchy pop songs. The boys are certainly talented and have something different to offer pop and are refreshing the charts with the happy, laid-back pop dittys. hey are also the only offering out there that have been able to interest the mourning Busted fans properly and have taken the pop-rock crown from Matt, Charlie and James. Mainly because all other offerings from other imitators have been ridiculously bad but also because McFly, and this track, are good. The surf rock guitar and Danny’s uber-cool vocals (I’ve always preferred Danny’s rough voice to Tom’s singing voice so am glad that he is singing the verses on this track) are stuck in your head within one listen. Great track.

Best & Worst?
IG: Best - McFly, Worst - Lovebites
PB: Best - Arctic Monkeys, Worst - Tiga

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Blastin' On Pop Boy's Stereo This Week

5 Songs on Repeat Lots Round Mine

1, Madonna - Hung Up

Like, duh.

2, Girls Aloud - Biology
Or should this be renamed The Nadine Coyle Show presents Biology featuring the others (the ginger one, the Bradford one, the chavvy one and the slutty one). Not only does Nadine get the chorus to herself, she also gets the intro which, with the clumsy sounding piano and reference to their lost cover of 'Wicked Game' (maybe), is brilliant. Then she gets the first chuck of the first actual verse. This song gets better with every listen. I promise. It takes ages to reach the chorus, which is then ends up being a bit dissappointing. And then! We get the intro again! It's got two choruses! Just like 'The Show'! Then it ends!

3, NATO - Charjavon
Pop Boy goes cultural. NATO is the suicide bomber, burkha wearing Arab singer launched by the people behind tATu. I managed to get hold of her album and quite frankly, it's superb. I may review it somewhere along the line. But at the moment this is the stand out track for me.

4, Nichya - Nichya
In a totally related topic, this is also from the people behind tATu. Only the woman wrote some the songs on '200km/h'. Again, I've acquired the whole album, and this stands out. It's screamy. It's riotous. It has the girl orgasming (or in pain) (or both). It has a big chug-chug beat. It makes me want to dig out my glow sticks, take off my top, drink a bucket full of vodka and dance like a crazy gay boy (malchik gay). It is fabulous.

5, Pay TV - Sexy Robot
Proof, if it were needed, that Pop Boy is a gay. Further proof that Pop Boy is fabbalous! Dahlink! This is about a vibrator isn't it? Isn't it?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Seeing McFly In The Flesh

Quite literally, check out this picture from when the lads performed in Nottingham, having a well, gay old time.

Should we book the tickets for next year?

This picture was borrowed (well, if i'm being honest, stolen) from a nice girl called, as you may have already guessed, Heather. Who it seems takes pleasure in covering the flesh with a big tag of her name. Grr!

[EDIT: I think the 'tag' is so that people don't post it on their blogs and use up her precious server space or summat. But I do karate I reckon I could have her. - PB]

Bandit Day, eh?

Am I the only one who likes the new Will Young video? What is a Bandit Day? Does it involve Will and some rather nice men wearing towels?

No really, it is a really good video. Just the right amount of hottie:plane ratio.

Madonna Leaks

And Pop Boy has no words. I don't know what to think. I love the 'Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!' sample, and the semi-genius lyrics "Those who run seem to have all the fun" but I don't know. The chorus sounds a little meh, but that could just be because I'm picking faults. I don't really know whether this is the greatest song of 2005 or the greatest let-down of 2005. I'll get back to you.

I can't wait for the 5:30 long album version though.

[EDIT: Also, Hello! I am Pop Boy. I have a pink cape!]

An Introduction

Hello, and welcome to the wonderful world of Indie Girl and Pop Boy. We hope to enlighten you with our ramblings about all things musical.