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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Hallowe'en Folks.

There's not many Hallowe'en songs but some people still can't decide which is the best. Some say Thriller... some say Ghost Town...

For me and Pop Boy (or at least me), it has to be the in-no-way-suggestive Things That Go Bump In The Night by allSTARS*!

Go on! You KNOW you want it on the setlist for your Hallowe'en party.

And yes, the video is on Youtube...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Best. Thing. Ever.

You may or may not have realised, but Lil Chris is the closest thing we have to a rockstar. In the whole wide world.

And now, he's covered Sexy/Back!

It needs to be heard to be believed. It's brilliant. He says what we're all thinking.

This Scene Is Dead

OK, It's been far far far too long, but now it's time for a post I think. We've basked in our birthday glory long enough. Maybe.

I feel a rant coming on... oh yes. This time it's geared towards the 'New Rave' scene (unsurprisingly championed by NME). The main offenders in this scene are The Klaxons and Shitdisco. Indie Girl recommended the Klaxons' song 'Atlantis To Interzone' a while back, and I have to admit, I liked it. 'Atlantis To Interzone' was a screechy indie-dance song with a dangerous, adventurous edge to it. '4 Horsemen of 2012' on the other hand is just noise, and not even tuneful, well-organised noise. 'Golden Skans' sounds less new-rave than just a remix of a Snow Patrol song.

As a rule, I tend to like songs about ejaculation, 'Gravity's Rainbow', however leaves me less than excited. Much like 'Magick', there's a strong beat present, but it's not exactly a 'revival' or 'new' rave scene emerging. It's not even indie-dance at times. It's just indie songs with a beat over top of them. What makes it worse? The Klaxons are from the Greenwich/New Cross area, and are therefore at the moment, local heroes round ours. Brilliant!

I had the pleasure of seeing Shitdisco perform at my Student Union on Friday (I skipped Patrick of the Wolf for it!!). I can tell you, they live up to the name, but they sure as hell aren't disco... See what I did there?

Upon expressing my disgust someone turned to me and saId "yeah, but I've heard they're really good when you're on ket". Which says it all I think.

The problem with the 'revival' is that, firstly, it's a revival, playing on past ideas rather than developing new ones. Secondly, the need for a rave scene seems to exist as a way to cater for new drugs, rather than emerging because of a surge of new music. Thirdly, the music isn't really very good.

It must be said though, that one headfuck anthem about taking ketamine, 'Lost In The K-Hole' by Ali Love, particularly the Sebastian Remix is absolutely amazing. It's not exactly singing ketamines praises though. I wouldn't call Ali Love new rave, as he's more of a male M.I.A. than anything else. Saying that, if the Klaxons sounded as original and exciting as this, I'd be tempted to get lost in the K-Hole (except I wouldn't).



I'm seeing the Long Blondes live on Saturday! Woop!

And the Sugababes (again) on Sunday.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

You'd Never Guess....


Our chosen cake:

And if you're wondering what to get us as presents well... some CDs?

Or maybe some tickets to gigs?

And you could throw us a party that looks like this:

(yes, it looks shit because I did it on MS paint but it took me FOREVER.)

Woo! Any birthday messages for us? Please leave them in the comments box!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"I Don't Wanna Hear, I Don't Wanna Know..."


I've started uni now and although London is swinging (as promised), I haven't got internet in my room, and the connection in the library is dodgy. Hence the muteness.

God knows I'm trying to sort it out. If only for my own health. NO INTERNET SUCKS!