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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Born Under A Good Sign

The question on everybody's lips is "what will be number one on Pop Boy's birthday?" (no, really, it is). And it's next Wednesday so whatever is at number one this Sunday will be my 18th birthday number one.

Just to see what it's got to compete with:

1st March 1988 – Kylie – I Should Be So Lucky
1989 (1)– Simple Minds – Belfast Minds
1990 (2) – Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U
1991 (3) – Bart Simpson – The Bartman
1992 (4) – Shakespear’s Sister – Stay
1993 (5) – 2 Unlimited – No Limits
1994 (6) – Mariah Carey – Without You
1995 (7) – Celine Dion – Think Twice
1996 (8) – Babylon Zoo – Spaceman
1997 (9) – No Doubt – Don’t Speak
1998 (10) – Cornershop – Brimful of Asha
1999 (11) – Britney Spears – Baby One More Time
2000 (12) – All Saints – Pure Shores
2001 (13) – Atomic Kitten – Whole Again
2002 (14) – Westlife – World Of Our Own
2003 (15) – t.A.T.u. – All The Things She Said
2004 (16) – Peter Andre – Mysterious Girl
2005 (17) – Nelly & Tim McGraw – Over & Over

Fair enough, last year,1989 and 2002 were anomalies, but generally, they're all classics. My birth heralded Kylie's first number one. My ninth birthday saw Gwen get her first number one. My eleventh birthday saw Britney riding high as a global superstar. My fifteenth birthday was met with Russian lesbians. All in all, not too shabby at all.

But what will be number one on my 18th birthday?...
(and yes, this is a purely self-indulgent post, but it's important to me, so put up and shut up)

The Darkness – Is It Just Me?
Is there anyone who gives a fucking hoohah about The Darkness anymore? No? Thought so. It still means they are awful for polluting or airwaves and Justin Hawkins. The video for this song is even worse than the actual song (“no! It’s not possible! It’s just not!”) Oh, but yes it is. The video (certificate 15, not suitable for young children as it WILL cause the worst nightmares EVA. Contains disturbing scenes and “mild peril” [what is that anyway?]) Yes, Justin marrying himself (I reckon he’s just carrying out some kind of life-long dream he’s had) shagging himself, him and the bald bassist in a dress and yes, Justin’s hair is worse. Can you believe that could actually happen?

Oh, I’m meant to talk about the song? It’s the Darkness for fuck’s sake! Of course it’s shit.

PB: The James Blunt of 2003 and proof that the Brit Awards have fuck all to do with musical quality. Yes, The Darkness have selfishly released their latest ear-rape to coincide with my birthday. The fuckers. It makes me think though, when 'One Way Ticket' was released I scoffed that "they couldn't get much worse than this", and yet, they've surpassed themselves. Sort of.
The video sees Justin Hawkins marrying himself and then shagging himself. Now, is it just me or does the thought of one Justin Hawkins having sex make you want the cough up the lining of your stomach? But two Justin Hawkins' having sex? With each other? It's enough to put me off food for life.
I realise that poking fun at The Darkness isn't particularly original, but it's just so easy.

Corinne Bailey Rae – Put Your Records On
Corinne's sumptuous voice is like a warm cup of cocoa on these cold winter nights. Though Indie Girl argues this is a summer song, I just think it's Corinne's vocal (bright, exuberant and sunny) that adds the "we need more ice" hot quality to this song. Undeniably beautiful. Though I have heard through the grapevine that the album is a bit of a disappointment, which is gutting as it's surely down to bad songs wasting Corinne's vocals. Perhaps one of those three little brids was an albatross? If this was number one on my birthday it can only be a good thing (afterall having a debut number one on my birthday did Kylie and Britney no harm). Though Leeds born Corinne couldn't be further away from Britney.

IG: You can’t really be mean to Corinne, can you? It just feels mean, like kicking a puppy or something. Fair enough, she may be a little dull but she’s still an enjoyable relaxing listen. Though, judging by this song… she has released what is clearly an Summer record right on the end of Winter. Not really the best time, I just sat listening to this and felt completely out of place in freezing cold Scotland. Perhaps buy this, and then keep it until July and then sit in your garden with some ace shades on, lie back in the grass and enjoy. Be quick though, it’ll start raining soon! This is Britain!

Madonna – Sorry
IG: Je suis desolee… yadda yadda yadda. YES! It’s the aceness that is Madge! I loved “Sorry” as soon as I nicked it off MuzicMatters. Roller disco fun! (I actually want to go to one, preferably with Pop Boy and a row of willing roller disco-ers and re-create the video) Despite the video being a basic continuation of Hung Up, the song shows that Madonna truly is BACK and here to stay and dance around in leotards and shit. Truly one the best “stompers” from Confessions. Oh, and the next single is “Jump” by the way. I look forward to the video and brilliant dance routine accompanying.

PB: Kylie achieved it. Britney achieved it. Gwen achieved it. Mariah achieved it. Even bloody Jenny Frost achieved it. But Madonna has never been number one on March 1st. Surely a pop injustice of the grandest scale? She missed narrowly with 'Frozen' in 1997 but was a week late. Close but no goulash I'm afraid.
Surely, this wrong can be righted this year. I can't see how Madge can't be number one this week, with 'Sorry' a glittering, throbbing, roller disco diety which takes the brilliance of 'Hung Up' and the infamous ABBA sample, shakes it around, strangles it with a pair of toned yoga thighs and beats it with a big glittery stick. Worse still it's gone in the morning and won't return 'Hung Up's' calls (there's an irony somewhere). By far the best song from 'Confessions On A Dancefloor'. This may just be brilliant enough to still be number one come my 19th birthday. I'll be honest, it's unlikely, but it'd be deserved.

Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough/Thriller
The first(??) of MJ's re-releases. Following the success of a similar Elvis stunt last year (and also, I suspect, an attempt win people over after the.. ummm... let's say... shady year or so he's had). With all those complications, it was easy to see that Michael has gone a bit cuckoo and is a couple of hampers sort of a picnic (let alone sandwiches). It was also easy to dismiss im as a total fool. But these songs truly remind us just how brilliant he was at his most inventive/poptastic/genius. I challenge anyone, perhaps even Gavin Arvizo, not to dance to 'Don't Stop' or to want to do the zombie dance to 'Thriller'. It's humanly impossible. Definitely the gem in the 'King Of Pop's crown.

IG: Both classics, but I completely agree with the principles of this release. Basically, it’s a re-release/cash-in. Which all those mad Jacko fans will buy. Perhaps he needs a new gold statue or summat… anyway. Thriller is an amazing classic track and I still dance around to it comically on Halloween. And seeing the video when I was six led to me refusing to watch it for the following seven years, but that’s not the point.
Don’t buy. We’ve just got rid of those bloody Elvis re-releases, we don’t need re-releases hitting the number one spot every week again.

Best: Both - Madonna
Worst: Both -The Darkness

Sunday, February 19, 2006

I Can't Decide Whether I Love It Or Hate It...

Either way, it's fairly high-larious for a Rufus Wainwright fanatic like myself (or basically one who has ever heard and remembers the original version.) I never thought i'd live to see the day where you can dance to one of his songs in a club, but no! Here is an amateur remix, done by some random off the Rufus forums of "The One You Love"

Fair enough, I normally hate dance music but for some reason... I just don't totally hate it. Ugh, should I?

What do you readers think of it? Hilarious? Terrible? Brilliant? What?!?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I'm listening to Sugababes' take of 'Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor'. In full. There's a tear in my eye. This is brilliant.

THIS is the best of British music.

Pop Boy Does The Modern

The Modern, in case you didn't know, are the biggest band of 2006 and they will take your mama, dadda and your unborn children out all night and show them what it's all about. And I was fortunate enough to see them live last night at Wolverhampton's Little Civic along with a couple of dozen other people.

As you'd expect, they were the fucking aces. And as there weren't many people, I got right to the front and could practically smell the whiff of genius that was pouring out of Nathan and Chi. They played 'my' song 'Discotheque Francais' which made me chuffed as cheese. In 'Discotheque...' they've created a sound and a lyric so in tune with my life that it's scary. Even more freakishly 'Suburban Culture' is similarly appropriate (especially with my recent Eastern European bloc-ness). This can of course mean one of two things. Either The Modern are actually the result of me stepping into a time machine and coming out talented or The Modern deserve to take over the world. And I ain't got no flux-capacitor.

Emma is of course the new Debbie Harry, the new Geri Halliwell, the new Marilyn Monroe and not to mention the young Pat Butcher all rolled into one big bundle of pure smelted sex and charisma that seems to have been poured into the 'mould' of electro-band front woman-ness. The unfortunate result of such unparalelled aceness is that Emma really has broken the mould. She trashed, sluttified and danced her way through 'Tokyo Girls' (for which she donned some mega cute bunny ears) pouted with her cherry red lips and toyyed with her platinum blonde ringlets. Maybe I just have a thing for blondes?

Obviously, 'Industry', the new single sneaked into the set (Can anyone say single of the year?). It was, as somewhat expected, fucking mind-blowing, with Emma's moaning of "I wanna, I wanna" being particularly hypnotising.

Their first single 'Jane Falls Down' kicked off the set (though I don't know why I've mentioned it last(ish)). 'Jane' was painful and euphoric in equal parts. Emma's microphone was duffed up and the sound was all over the place, but we won't blame her, because, quite simply, it wasn't her fault at all.

They also played two songs I don't know, 'Seven Oceans' and another whose name escapes me. Both were brilliant though and make me very excited about the as-yet-unnamed album.

Apparently after the show the band came out and signed posters and talked to people. I'll admit I'm jealous secretly but I'm going to pretend that I've grown up now (I'm 18 in two weeks!) and that all this fanboy-ness is above me (though I'm convincing no-one). My fandom far exceeds this anyway, as I bought a t-shirt. Unfortunately they only had girl's sizes so I sort of have a The Modern belly top. As if I wasn't gay enough already... etc.

Plus, if I'd've met Emma, I cna't guarantee I wouldn't have combusted.

Indie Girl does Goldfrapp (Yes, again!)

"Thanks for not staying in and watching the Brits!"

Well, we weren't missing much Alison.Y'know how it is... it really wasn't difficult to tear myself away from Blunt winning Best Pop Act.

Last night, instead of staying in and watching the frankly dismal Brit Awards, me and a friend went out to see the Frapp. Again, yes. And it was still rocking.

  • The disco lights. Yes again but they once again were fabulous! And they encouraged Alison to start...
  • The stomping and marching! Alison knows how to bust a bloody move. Swinging her head round as well. She's taught me entire new methods of dance.
  • The best songs from Felt Mountain being played. Utopia was great despite the fact that the sound fucked up and Lovely Head was elegant and suave. Partially gald they didn't play Deer Stop due to the unappreciate, drunken crowd.
  • The stompers. Ooh yeah. Ride A White Horse, Ooh La La and Strict Machine. got eveyone dancing, apart from the ones right up on the top circle who quite frankly were to afraid of falling off.
  • The fact that I could see! Hurrah! *hallelujahs all around* It isn't easy being small.
  • Two words. Electric. violin.
  • Alison! She was ever so cheery and happy! And she said Scots crowds were the best... so meh!


  • Hot Chip. Warning: rant... Words cannot describe how completely terrible this band actually are. Ok, at first they were hilariously bad but after about half an hour of it I could've thrown them from the upper circle. They were on for far too long, they played he same long song about twelve times. They were shit. They held up the 'Frapp. They were shit. I used to like some electroclash and they've made me hate it with all my being, and did I mention that they were shit?
  • Tour t-shirts? £16? I'm poor, for fuck's sake! I practically had to save up for the bloody ticket.
  • Two hours I had to wait. At least. It was ages before they came on during which I had to pay £1.50 for a glass of water and listen to Hot Chip. If that's not Hell, i'm not sure what is.
  • They played a lot of album tracks at the start, alienating some of the crowd at the very start. Though they seemed fairly alienated until they played Ooh La La. Amateur Frappers. Pfft.
  • Did I mention how terrible Hot Chip were???!!11!1!! I can't believe some people were actually buying their album at the merch stall... of course I can't believe anyone might have a diffrent opinion to my own and that everyone must agree because I knows best.

And that is my sum-up of the enigma that is Goldfrapp. Go and see them live. It's very cool. Just make sure the support act are good and/or not Hot Chip.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I Bet This'll Sound Good On The Dancefloor...

The Sugababes have only went and recorded the best cover of '06 so far (and probably for the whole year. In a year when James Blunt is Best Pop Act, Pop Boy and I are starting to lose all of our hope.)

And I say it's the best cover after hearing only 30 seconds courtesy of the wonderful Popjustice (we are the Iceland to their Harvey Nichols) I am positive that it is absolutely fantastic and I am afraid listening to the whole song may affect my health, it'll be so amazing.

It's pissed off a few snobby indie morons as well (aka: NME readers who actually think it's good... oh, see Blunt of the Week. Again.) Hoo-rah!

Though me and Pop Boy still reckon Girls Aloud should've done this cover. Can you imagine?!? Can you?!? They could always cover Mardy Bum. I may implode with the sheer aceness of it all.

(oh, and finding it strange that i'm not moaning about the Brits? It'll come later. Just you wait. I can't find the words...)

I suppose you lot think it's the most fantastic thing ever ever (just for today of course, or until the Aloud cover Mardy Bum) Let us know!

Valentine's? Love? Pffft.

It’s the Valentine season and people across the world are snuggling up to various sickeningly slushy love songs like ‘Too Lost In You’ and ‘Lovin’ You’ and they’re all very happy. But what do those of us who are single and (extremely) bitter and cynical do? Well, for a start we could listen to these alternative love songs and be glad you’re not involved with weirdos like these…

Just Like A Pill
First off, a modern classic and one of the highlights of Pink’s career. A romantic love song with a love filled with pills, pain and morphine. Various interpretations can be drawn, and none of them are particularly pretty. The most obvious two are that this is an ode to a drug riddled relationship or ‘the man’ is beating Pink to within an inch of her life. Either way, I wouldn’t rush to put this one a mixtape for a loved one. Happy Valentine’s Baby! Where’s the drugs?

Tainted Love
There’s something ironic about scary looking seedy men like Marc Almond and Marilyn Manson singing about abusive, frightening relationships. This song, much like ‘Just Like A Pill’, is one of undeniable passion and unconditional love despite the abuse you’ve suffered, and, in this case, the STDs you’ve picked up. I’m sure there’s supposed to be some kind of sentiment in there somewhere. The ultimate alternative love song. Originally sung soul-style by Marc Bolan’s wife, Gloria Jones, then made famous by Soft Cell in the 80s before being covered by ‘goth’ Marilyn Manson in what must be the definitive version.

Where The Wild Roses Grow
One of Kylie’s darker moments for sure. Aching strings that begin to pull at the heart strings from the start document this alternative love story. Bells toll throughout turning it into more of a funeral procession than a love song. But it there is still love between the ‘characters’ Elisa Day and Nick Cave despite the dark morbidness of the song. I still don’t think I’d be glad to receive a similar sentiment from a Valentine though. Cleverly uses the image of a rose, both romantic and deathly to create an undying passion which must die and merge the two images together.
Warning to all beautiful virgins: If a man calls you Wild Rose and promises to show you where the Wild Roses grow – GET OUT OF THERE!!

In My Arms

For you to cry about the fact you’ve never had a love. Not even a young man with a drug addiction who then hangs himself with a belt. Yes, this is Rufus Wainwright’s tale of being extremely unlucky in love. Firstly he finds the young man, desperately wanting to get off the drugs, Rufus takes him away and they sleep together but then the young man wanders back into the dark world of drugs and ends up hanging himself with a belt due to his severe addiction, leaving Rufus distraught and pining to care for the man again. Just be glad you’ve never suffered heartache like this. (unless you have of course, in which case you’re just really, really unlucky. And also could you contact me and tell me of your heartfelt tale, as it could get me top marks on my next creative writing exam)

I Write Sins Not Tragedies
This is the latest offering from the new hottest act on the usually dismal emo scene. ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ tells the tale of a young man. He’s incredibly excited, he’s all ready for his wedding to his sweetheart and looking forward to spending the rest of his life with her. But as he’s pacing the corridors of the church beforehand he overhears the mandatory bitchy bridesmaid commenting on the wedding. “Yes,” she says… “the wedding may be beautiful, but the bride is a whore.” The young man then throws open the door in heartache exclaiming that people should just keep their mouths shut. I guess the lesson of this is, all bridemaids are bitchy, but also that weddings are sometimes not all as perfect as they may seem.

All The Things She Said
Surely your relationship can never be as scorned upon as Julia and Lena’s?!? Judging by the video, they could only have been in a convent to prevent that bad a reaction. As the rest of the world seemed to find it hot (namely straight men and America) and the girls were a worldwide hit. Mind you, we must get back to the point of the song. Some people feel their relationships can never just carry on because people just won’t accept them and I’m going to be serious here. A lot of gay relationships are still hated by those God-bothering Christians who like to think the bible is real. If they hated this, would’ve liked to have seen their reactions if it was a male on male relationship. Apparantely gayness is fine now, as long as it’s two Russian schoolgirls.
But that was not that point of the song…. Err… relationships can make you feel worse than being single… I think.

So to sum up, don't be going adding these to any of your love compilations... they really just don't say "I love you."

Friday, February 10, 2006

Blunt Of The Week: Top 5!!! (11!!eleven!!1)

Well, I couldn't actually just decide on one considering the amount of utter Bluntiness circulating at the moment!

Here! Is the first Blunt of the Week Top 5! (ooh! I bet you're excited.)

Of course, I'll be counting down to build anticipation. you may want to put this on in the back ground as you read.

Innnn at 5.....
The NME!
Change the fucking record, Mr McNicholas. We know that Britain seem to adore the Arctic Monkeys. I like them myself, but when your magazine basically becomes a list of what each individual member of that band had for their tea or summat like that, you need to find something else to talk about. We've already had "The Many Odours of Pete Doherty" around four times.

Basically... isn't it known that when the NME sit wanking in their pants over a band, it completely ruins them for everyone else. Well, apart from all those folks that think the NME is actually good. Mind you, i'm one of those idiots that gets really pissed off with The NME, yet continues to flounder away a couple of quid on it every so often.

Innnn at 4.....
Arctic Monkeys!
Yes, one chart they're not topping. Well, y'know. Arctic Monkeys have the potential to be a great band, or maybe they did. I don't know. Somehow a band go on in my estimations when:

1. The NME sit salivating at their piss-stained desks typing up the tiniest bit of crap about the band. (see number 5 in the First ever! Blunt Of The Week Top 5.)
2. Everyone and their mother (and grandmother, and dad probably. Trying to get in with the kids and all of that) likes them.

You can't blame a band for being popular so their entry into the Blunt of the week is for two reasons. Number 1 being that last week they announced their UK tour, it is a smaller venue tour and there are hardly any fucking dates. Of course, the presale tickets went faster than the "Wonka Bars" and that was that. Half of them ended up on eBay with people with more money than sense bidding up to £300 for them. This especially being stupid, as the general sale of the tickets was on the Thursday of that week for £14 each but whatever you want to do, the simply idiotic Great British Public. But of course, getting tickets easily was not to be. Tickets went on sale at 6pm, I went onto Ticketmaster (also shit, by the way) at 6pm on the dot and it told me that all the tickets were gone. I then went onto loads of other ticket sites (all ticketmaster companies, and therefore equally shit) told me the same thing. I went to try GigsAndTours but it had fucking crashed and then tried phoning and the line was engaged. 6.05pm, all the tickets are gone. And as far as I know, they're not planning to adding extra dates. Cunts.

And also, they were home and played a gig at the Sheffield Octagon last week. They were met with a sea of heckles asking for their silly yet fantastic cover of Girls Aloud's "Love Machine" Alex proceeded to tell the entire crowd to fuck off and said that they couldn't even remember how to play it. Er, way to respect the fans Alex. Meh, if it all falls apart, I can reserve them a space in the dumper, right next to Lisa Scott Lee. They can entertain Darius in there with a rocking cover of "Electric."

Innnn at 3.....
Harry Potter!
Well, Daniel Radcliffe really but that's all he's known for. And this is for being an NME reading, crap indieworshipping, whiny little cunt. This week he's been claiming he was the first ever Arctic Monkeys fan. Oh, really? What about Alex Turner's mam then?

I tell you, when all those Hollywood producers realise the boy can't act, he will be the next Conor McNicholas. Or at least one of those pretentious wankers that won't give a look-in to anything pop, and then write about it, and then charge us £1.95 to read it.

Innnn at 2.....
The Grammys!
For being in America (notoriously rather shit for mainstream music) and being better than the shit-pile the smug record companies like to call the Brits. Fair enough, the nominations and winners may be just as bad but at least the performances are fucking ace. I mean, A. C. E. I mean... well...

And innnn at 1.....
James "this whole thing is named after him anyway" Blunt!
Yes, well. He had to be top. Didn't he? But he's been making the news this week anyway. Apparantely, the USA has fallen under the evil terror that is Blunt. Yes, he seems to be invading the world faster than the Nazis back in '39. I think the only good he seems to have done is piss off Robbie. Read about Blunt's only decent achievement (ever) here:,,4-2006060489,00.html

Do you agree with the "first! ever! Blunt of the Week Top 5?" Let us know now!

Monday, February 06, 2006

It's Very Quiet Here Isn't It?

...And for that, we apologise. But it seems like one of the first times since ever that neither Girls Aloud nor Rachel Stevens have had top-pop songs to promote. And although I'm sitting with baited breath for the return of Nelly Furtado (like properly, on the radio and all that) and for Pink's ace new single 'Stupid Girls' to take over the world with that video that pokes fun at Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Condelleeza Rice and (for shame) Gwen, it seems the world of pop is on somewhat of a stand still....

And save raving about The Artic Monkeys, mourning the death of Smash Hits (which may I say (with my 'Pop' Boy credentials under threat here) I've never ever bought, not once) or moaning about the Brit Awards (it really is such a waste of breath - just boycott them) there's nothing much to talk that's even remotely exciting is there? Is there?

The charts themselves are just as tired, perfunctory and boring as this post [hmmm...]. That 'Biggie' tribute song (featuring everyone other than the man himself it would seem) that seems to have been on radio since just about before Biggie died is number one and the top ten consists of two re-releases (or one re-release and a re-issue - meh), an monotonous (but also sort-of ace) dance song sampling an age-old Michael Jackson and Paul Cartney song, two songs that should've really packed there bags and left home just after Christmas and a tired release from the ex-lead singer of the world's (apparently) biggest girl-band. It's not all grim though, there is Will Young, Chris Brown (who makes me feel quite old) and Arctic Monkeys providing a little burst of promise of just how great Lucky 6 could be.

The Arctic Monkeys are straddling the album charts like it's Grand National ace horse. They'd just better make sure that they don't fall off at the jumps. Afterall, the rest of the competition are, to be fair, knackered old race horses that really should call it a day as they've been around for a good while (Blunt*, Kaiser Chiefs, Hard-Fi, Editors, Kelly Clarkson). Jose Gonzalez has been around for a bit, I've had his album for yonks, but I'll let you losers off, this time. And don't get me started on lame donkey Richard Ashcroft (the soon to return Blunt Of The Week 'awards' await you Dick) whose insurgence must surely soon be beaten down by the civility of better things (which is, let's face it, anything).

And then there's Chico who is, quite simply, a fucking cock.

Cheer up though, it'll be March soon (Pop Boy and Indie Girl's birthdays are in March!!) and we'll crawl out of this cloudy February spell. Plus The Modern are about to take over the world ("if there's any justice in the world...") and Scissor Sisters make their comeback soon. Don't they? DON'T THEY!?!?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Indie Girl and Pop Boy say:

Look at the crappy logo! Look at it! And take in it's message!
Yes fair enough, me and Pop Boy are actually boycotting it without even realising. Pop Boy will be pissing it up in Prague on the 16th whilst me and Alison Goldfrapp (no nominations? Are you out of your minds?) will be sticking two fingers up at the fucking Brits commitee at the Usher Hall.

But we urge you, the person who may not be pre-occupied on that night to join us! Join us in our campaign! Tell the Brits committee where they can stick their award!
Indie Girl's list of suggestions of better things to do than watch the Brits:
  • Read a book!
  • Go to the pictures!
  • Go down the pub!
  • Sit around on internet forums complaining about how fucking crap the Brit Awards are!
  • Watch Eastenders or summat else. Just avoid ITV, and then have a nice bath.

Will you be watching the Brits? Tell us now!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Blasting On Indie Girl's Stereo This Week...

That's right, I'm not dead! Yes, firstly I would like to apologise for my lack of effort for this blog. I have had a half-arsed attitude to everything for the last month or so but hey, that was January. And everybody knows that January is as depressing as shit.

So I will give a little sum up of what i've been listening to recently to heighten your curiousity and buy them (or y'know, get them offa Soulseek if you don't totally trust my judgement)

Panic! At the Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Apart from having an extremely ace name.. I really, really, really love this song. I really do. I should hate it, but it's the first bit of "emo" lark i've loved and it's ever so fabulous. I mean, even the video is gothic campery. The lead singer leaping around looking like Johnny Depp playing Willy Wonka and telling the bride that she's a whore wearing a truly fantastic hat. Others have called Panic! a cross between Fall Out Boy (who I find to be excruiating bar their cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart") and the Killers (who are aceness in pink blazers) and it's not really the only similarities. Well, Panic! were actually discovered by Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz and signed to his label, and they are also from Las Vegas and have a lead singer called Brendon (which isn't a million miles away from a certain Mr Flowers) Coincedence, yes? I like to think not.

Watch the video:

Arctic Monkeys - A Certain Romance
Yep boys, i'm believing the hype. Well, not really. I think it's been blown out of proportion by that NME crowd but anyway... that's another story. But however, I do think this is probably the best track on the album. I mean, it has actually has heart and feeling and is a great way to sum up the album and round it off. the whole album talks about going out to indie discos and getting in trouble with the law. this song tells us that perhaps Alex yearns for more than that, but he cannot do anything. Great song from a massively overhyped album (I only enjoy half the tracks) and probably worth the visit to see live. Though there was no bloody chance of me getting tickets and am yet to hear if Pop Boy had any success. I may just have to linger around listening to the album for yet another night.

The Rakes - 22 Grand Job
Watch the video and learn the dance! Hours of fun! And a nice indie alternative at the moment to a band who I mentioned above.

Charlotte Hatherley - Bastardo
This was out around a year ago and only just started listening again. I love it. I love it. I love it. It's a camp little ditty with a kitschy little comic book video and cute comedy lyrics ("and in the morning when I woke, there was no Antonio, just some money that he'd left for the memory of me") and I always sing along with the backing singers... they get the best lines... Get the song, or even better... watch the video........ here:

EDIT: Late Add-on
Protocol - Where's The Pleasure In You?
This song is bloody brilliant. Fair enough, it does sound dangerously like The Bravery but not completely the same. Thank god. They have a better edge and a looping catchy melody and lyrics and I love it already. Hey, I go through whims so i'll probably hate it tomorrow but revel in it today. Great new electro indie rock! (is it just me, or are all the genres getting more and more complicated?)

What do you readers think of my taste in music?